For Sale

As of 2013 we have sold our stallion and are not doing any more breeding …we want to Thank all of our past buyers of our Shetland Ponies and hope that they are working well for you as they were trained to do. We do have one baby this year but we are not selling her as of right now. We are planning on breeding our mares to our our miniature donkey Jasper. So, hopefully we will have a couple little miniature mules to sell at some point.

We now have two beautiful ponies that are for sale. They are both very beautiful animals and we’re going to be sad to see them go. I will be posting pictures and info. about them very soon so please check back.











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  1. Faye Martin says:

    So glad we stopped out to see you guys! The ponies are absolutely adorable, and great personalities! We can’t wait to get Ashley home as Annie’s first pony. What a sweet girl. Thank you so much!

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